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Scintillate (Entangled Teen)

Scintillate - Tracy Clark I've had the great privilege of receiving an e-galley of this upcoming book, which is due to be out on February 4th aka pretty damn soon ^^ So I thought I'd tease y'all with a little hot sneak peak into the book.

Truth be told, I only received this yesterday so I haven't read it--thus this teaser was a pleasant surprise for me as well, making my apprehensions disappear.

Apprehensions, you say? What apprehensions? I'm glad you asked, mates. My problems are with the cover and the blurb.

The cover isn't toooo impressive [the key and background create a beautiful affect but all the attention goes the the hand, which is standing out too much in my opinion] and the blurb spells love-triangle and a meh-plot. BUT. Yes, there is a big BUTT--I mean BUT. This teaser is too exciting to pass up the book. What I'd done was randomly stop on my e-readers' book scroll, ending up on this very lucky page that has completely changed my initial view of the book. Enjoy the treat dearies. [BTW, this is an ARC so the quote I'm providing is not necessarily the final version--keep that in mind]